Fear Factor Food: The Infamously Stinky and Sticky Natto

For my post-workout snack, I had natto – fermented soy beans.

How To Eat Natto

1.  Mix in the karashi (the spicy yellow sauce) and fish sauce.  Since I am vegetarian, I skipped the fish sauce and replaced it with soy sauce.  The more you mix the natto, the easier it becomes to eat.  First first-time eaters, eating natto with rice helps cushions the flavor and texture.  Use the same method of mixing the natto in really well.

2.  In order to keep the web of fermented soy beans off of you and anything within your radius, use the twirling method.  No matter how far you pull the natto away from the container, you are inevitably going to get it on you.  You have the twirl the threads in order to break them and cleanly eat the natto.

3.  Pat yourself in the back.  Your open-mindedness and adventurousness to this deserves respect!

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